Glowing Bug Puppet Theatre believes in giving back to our community with creative and innovative ways that are inclusive of everyone. GBPT cares about our environment and the people in it. Therefore, GBPT does its best to repurpose everyday items in its workshops.

GBPT workshops are for children and adults alike, tailored to the ages respectively. Whether it’s a birthday party or Halloween party, get in touch to dazzle your guests.

We tell stories every single day when are talking to our friends or family. Each one of us has a unique story we want to share with everyone. Come and join GBPT to tell your story to the rest of the world in creative ways. Stimulate your brain and simultaneously work on your motor skills. At GBPT education really does meet fun.

Puppets are not just for children; everyone can have fun with them. 

Rekindle your relationship with your inner child. 

Uncover different ways to connect with the world around you.

Glowing Bug Puppet Theatre’s founder Carmen Merina is a qualified Early Years Educator Lámh speaker. She is an amazing creator and storyteller. Her vision is to combine education, fun and an environmental awareness in innovative ways. It is her experience and objectives that have made Glowing Bug Puppet Theatre an amazing safe haven for all creatives who adore Mother Nature and search for answers in light and darkness.