GBPT’s workshops are the perfect educational tool to enhance creativity. Invent, sew and weave beautiful stories with us. 

With  GBPT, you will make enchanting shadow puppets characters and scenarios. You will create  magical stories of shadows and colourful light.

Get ready to go into a world of wonder, magic and awe. You will be dazzled and delighted with GBPT shadow theatre, tailored to your specific needs. Lámh language users will feel at home as part of our workshops. Please email or phone GBPT to discuss more details about our events in Lámh language.

Enhance your creativity. Socialise. Whatever age you are, enjoy the moment. 


Making Shadow Puppets

Learn how to repurpose everyday materials with your creativity.

Origami puppets

How about a little bit of culture? Come join us to make origami puppets together. 

Hand Shadows

The magic is at your fingertips!

Our workshops are for adults too.

Want to join in on the fun? Don’t worry, our workshops are for adults too. Our workshops have health benefits and are naturally therapeutic. For example, they help combat anxiety and depression.
Rekindle the relationship with your inner child and access your world of dreams with us.

Kid’s Parties!

Whatever the occasion, Glowing Bug Puppet Theatre will turn any chosen venue into a world of wonders where children will be the star of the show!

Book in advance and we will be able to tailor your party to your child’s persona.

Contact us to get more information and to know about prices.

We dance with lights and play with colours, We find delight in shadows’ magic. Together, we explore the space between the physical world and the realm of dreams.

Book now.

If you want to get busy creating beautiful stories join us today! You can also call us with any questions you may have.